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Historic with great views, decent coffee, and ghosts? Remembering a trip to Corregidor Island

It’s October and just like last year, I’ll try to make posts this month to be (sort of) creepy/scary. Now, the pictures on this are not only taken from my first ever iPhone (6s) but also downloaded from my first blog (it’s about food). We once had morning coffee in arguably one of the most alleged haunted places in the Philippines – Corregidor Island.

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I’ve always thought this entrance to the inn was ominous, even in the day!

I have been on a couple of Corregidor Island day tours before, as part of school field trips (one of them in College, ha!). It’s an important part of Philippine history, being one of the last strongholds of American and Philippine troops against the Japanese during World War II, and the tours present that effectively. The ruins of buildings and the large guns have always been impeccable. It had always been beautiful and slightly creepy at day, and I had always wondered what it would be like to stay there at night.

#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorinn
Is this Corregidor Inn hallway not both beautiful and creepy?

Now, this was some years back already so things may have changed since then. The only option to stay in on the Island was the Corregidor Inn, perched atop a hill overlooking the Manila Bay. There used to be nighttime tours (not sure if there still are), but we did not avail it. Staying in the Inn overnight was comfortable enough, but you initially can’t shake thoughts of there might be some ghosts in it with you. The long, dim hallways did not help with that. Also, given that it’s on an Island in the middle of Manila Bay, the surroundings of the Corregidor Inn at night were pitch black.

Why could the Island be haunted? Many soldiers (American, Filipino, and Japanese) lost their lives there. Given its strategic defensive importance, both sides gave it everything they could to either defend or capture it. Also, well after the war, the Jabidah Massacre happened. Peering over the darkness surrounding the Inn, it’s easy for your imagination to go crazy when you’re in there.

#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorcoffee
Must have been scary to be here during the war
#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorcoffee
This was darker IRL
#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorcoffee
Reportedly where a lot of Japanese deaths happened towards the end of the war

Did we have any ghostly encounters? No. We would always feel something eerie, even inside our room at the end of the aforementioned long hallway, but again it could also have been just our imagination given the setting. Something that was actually scary were the food prices for dinner, the only meal we had to pay for as lunch was part of the tour and the overnight stay came with free breakfast.

#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorcoffee
Breakfast options were indeed limited, but I won’t pass over corned beef for breakfast!

Speaking of breakfast, it was not a buffet and the selections were rather limited. However, it had free flowing coffee during the allotted time. The coffee was just ever so slightly bitter and became syrupy sweet as it cooled down. I can remember it because it tastes just like any Amadeo coffee you ever drink. They sold bags of these in the gift shop, so I was sure it was Amadeo.

#shareyourkape #corregidor #corregidorcoffee
Is this not a beautiful view?

Drinking this coffee with that view, however, made it one of the best experiences I have had so far. Possible ghostly encounters aside, a vacation in Corregidor Island is a good option for anyone who loves beautiful scenery and history. Bring your own coffee, if you want to be sure.

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