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I believe that all of us have made several bad cups of coffee. You would think it was easy, just combining coffee grinds with hot water, but there are still some factors to consider. Who do you blame when this happens?

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Whether your coffee tastes good or bad, take a picture of it

You can go through the entire chain all the way back to the farm or blame your equipment (or even the noise level the time you’re drinking it), but some would actually admit that they most probably did something wrong brewing the coffee. I’m not discounting that the coffee itself may have roasted or stored incorrectly, but that should be “investigated” deeper than just basing it on one cup.

It’s like this recent hot topic on YouTube about a well-known family vlog channel being evicted from their massive mansion. Now, the fact that a family lost their “dream” house is not entertainment. That is tough for anybody. It was how it may have happened, then how they addressed it, and finally (at least for now) how people are calling them out for not taking accountability for why it happened. They blamed a lot of parties for the debacle and some videos are showing receipts debunking their claims. It’s all on YouTube, and of course H3 talked about it, so you can search for it if you’re not familiar. They recently posted a house tour of their new house, still a large one, but there are still no concrete updates on some stuff connected to them that may question some as to how can they afford this right now?

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I saw an article once stating that pour overs are not entirely good for coffee shops, since it’s hard to do it consistently everytime

It’s like me joking that the reason I keep watching Korean dramas and movies recently was because most channels available when I was hospitalized showed Korean shows. It’s like someone who laments not being able to provide for his family and in the same breath says his life was previously so good that he can drink and karaoke all day. It’s like a leader claiming that nothing could have been done about the pandemic when it was not controlled initially, funds were apparently not allocated properly, and chasing after people and organizations that were allegedly against them (I mean, they violated stuff).  

I’m saying you must have accountability for your decisions and actions.

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Your coffee, that you brewed yourself, not tasting good was probably your fault – especially if it was from the same bag you have been brewing before that one cup.

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