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Kape or Sapatos, choose one – go!

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I have a surface level knowledge about coffee, I know that. You can say the same thing on what I know about shoes. I have other interest, like watching NFL (I even chose to get this game pass over NBA league pass), but coffee and shoes (Kape at Sapatos) are what I tell people when I’m asked what my interest are.

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Historic with great views, decent coffee, and ghosts? Remembering a trip to Corregidor Island

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It’s October and just like last year, I’ll try to make posts this month to be (sort of) creepy/scary. Now, the pictures on this are not only taken from my first ever iPhone (6s) but also downloaded from my first blog (it’s about food). We once had morning coffee in arguably one of the most alleged haunted places in the Philippines – Corregidor Island.

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I’ve always thought this entrance to the inn was ominous, even in the day!
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The Haunting of Coffee Shops

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I only have pockets of time every day to do research, so you may have better luck than me in finding stuff like these, but I’ve only ever found two locations for possible “haunted coffee shops” and both of them are in the States. If you know any shops in the Philippines that have some paranormal activities, and while it’s still October, hit me up. I won’t mention the shop, it could drive business away, but I fancy a haunted coffee shop and might be compelled to visit it once it’s safe to go out again.

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