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My (unqualified) thoughts about the “Hello” Coffee Scale

It only says “Coffee Scale” on the box. Also sometimes referred to as the Shopee Scale, though I bought mine through Lazada, the “Hello” scale is my first scale to have a built-in timer. I would have loved to tell you I thought hard about buying this, even weighing in on the Pros and Cons, but it wasn’t. I was in Lazada during the 8.8 sale to buy a replacement aircon unit and this scale was suggested to me during checkout. My first scale, that small  chrome bugger, had a bit of water damage. Though it still eventually worked again, I reckoned a new scale would be a good idea as a backup plan.

“Hello” scale with a bag of filter coffee from SlowMov

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An Amazon Prime Video series, and then I try to connect coffee to it

Have you watched Amazon Prime Video’s series (a monthly subscription is cheaper than Netflix), The Boys? It’s a parody on the superhero genre where the superheroes know they’re better than normal people and thus know how to abuse their powers. We all like superhero movies (when done right) but think about those storylines where some government agency is concerned about these overpowered individuals and who will stop them when they go rogue or when someone points out how they aren’t thinking about the collateral damage they cause when doing their super hero stuff.

Just some light rambling ahead

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