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My (unqualified) thoughts about the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

I was using a knock off Hario Buono Kettle early on during the 2020 lockdown. I’m not proud of it and I did it because it was cheap, it already had a thermometer built-in, and I naively thought it would only be in need for a couple months more. Well I don’t have to be ashamed anymore because now I have a Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle which looks amazing, it boils water, and uhhhhh – it has a built-in game.

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What’s in the box? What’s in the boooooox? An electric kettle

Okay, I like the thing and it does add motivation to brew coffee, but you don’t have to get one of these if you really just need an electric pour-over kettle and use that money for something else – unless you really want to buy one (because it’s so dang pretty). Let’s talk about it more.

The need for an electric kettle was not just because I moved my coffee station away from the Kitchen (I still have to go there for the sink), it’s so I won’t have to use the gas stove just to heat a small amount of water every time I brew. I also wanted something that not only can I set the temperature but would also hold it for me at the temp for when I’m pulled somewhere else while making coffee. Also, since I was only using a cheap knock off (which oxidized pretty quickly), I wanted to use a kettle that I have confidence in the materials used. And of course, gooseneck for controlled pouring. Does the Fellow Stagg EKG tick all those boxes? Yes, but so do other cheaper (or at least relative to it) options.  

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#shareyourkape #fellowstaggekg #coffeephl
That base tho

I only have a stove-top to compare it to, but it does heat water to my target temp quicker. The only instance I actively timed it heat from room-temp water (which I didn’t even note down or take a screenshot of), it took under 2 minutes 30 seconds to go from room temp to 96 degrees Celsius for ~400ml of water.

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How is the Fellow Stagg EKG both matte and shiny at the same time?

It definitely pours softer than my previous kettle, and I like it. The pour is more controlled, there is less instances of water pouring out more aggressively than I would have wanted to. So instead of water “gushing” and then I have to adjust mid pour, I have more control at the beginning of the pour and most times don’t even have to adjust the rate throughout that pour (if that makes sense). That with the counterbalanced handle, it makes pouring steady easy even with one hand. You can then focus on your scale, really making it easy to hit your target weight and time.  Another thing it does that my previous kettle didn’t, the design inside allows you to decant all the water.

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See what I mean with how the design inside makes it easy to decant all of the liquid?

All of that is good, but the main reason I chose the Fellow Stagg EKG is mostly because it looks so damn nice. Its eye catching and you immediately know what it is when you see it on a table. I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about design, but compared to other variable kettles that are just round things, the Fellow Stagg EKG curves at just the right angle that just makes it stand out. It also feels premium to hold, which is subjective but I’m basing this on how I want things  bought on a premium that are meant to be carried to have some weight to them (like my phone). The base is also takes up little space and only having one button to control most of the main functions I feel is better than needing to push several buttons. I also like the attention to detail to making the unpacking experience enjoyable, all the way down to the minor detail of adding their logo to the recycled cushioning material. The game? I haven’t played too much, but my best time is 2:01 in case you were wondering.

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I cannot believe how Fellow Products made me feel happy after opening a box and seeing packaging
#shareyourkape #fellowstaggekg #coffeephl
Check out this attention to detail (and branding) by Fellow Products!

The only thing I really don’t like about it is the price. Look, even those in the US say it’s priced high, so even without the import fees to get it here, this kettle is really just expensive. Does it offer something radically different from other kettles for consumer use? Not really. Is it essential you get it? Only if you really want to. It’s an electric kettle, that is expensive. There are some sellers locally who sell these at much lower prices, and it seems like they are selling authentic pieces. Now it’s still slightly higher priced than some other kettles, but it is considerably less priced. If you can score those deals, from reputable sellers (research), and you really want one then go for it.

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How do you like the color of this set-up?

I am now an owner of a Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle I chose not to upgrade my grinder, but I now show a kettle in my IG posts instead of just showing the spout. To summarize: you can brew coffee without it, and you should consider other options if you want a variable temp kettle, but if you really want one, it feels good to have a Fellow Stagg EKG in your coffee corner.

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