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Bye 2020, it’s been real

It’s almost Christmas and like Trump still saying he won’t ever leave the White House, 2020 keeps reminding us how bad of a year it has been. If you think otherwise (that 2020 is actually not a bad year), you’re either part of the lucky few who were barely affected or you’re selling something based on the “hustle” culture.

Yes, 2020 has been a bad year for most and a lot of wrong we definitely should not forget, but we also deserve to take these days up leading up to the New Year to recharge. If for a short period of time, let’s take stock of some of the positives. From a coffee consumption standpoint, things have improved with most of us choosing to make decent cups of coffee at home. More importantly, there has been increased awareness of good Philippine produced coffee. I would say just be a bit more discerning, like ask yourself why an award-winning coffee from one region is being so cheap by some sellers. That’s just my opinion/observation since I have no data to back that up.

This will be my final blog post for 2020, so yeah the (unqualified) thoughts about the Fellow Stagg EKG will have to come in 2021 (or not, it’s an electric kettle, mate). 2020 has been a massive year for shareyourkape, specifically for the Instagram account and this here blog. I am thankful to everyone who have read my posts during 2020 and I hope you found some value from my ramblings. Looking forward to 2021, I already have some shops I want to visit when it’s safer to go out and I hope more would be here in my hometown of Cainta.

#shareyourkape #manualbrewonly #mycoffeegear

Happy Holidays, everyone! Stay safe and remember to drink (kape) responsibly. Cheers!

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