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The Haunting of Coffee Shops

I only have pockets of time every day to do research, so you may have better luck than me in finding stuff like these, but I’ve only ever found two locations for possible “haunted coffee shops” and both of them are in the States. If you know any shops in the Philippines that have some paranormal activities, and while it’s still October, hit me up. I won’t mention the shop, it could drive business away, but I fancy a haunted coffee shop and might be compelled to visit it once it’s safe to go out again.

Rimsky-Korsakoffee House (Portland, Oregon)

Now I could not find a source that says this place is definitely haunted. A couple mention that the house the café is connected to might be haunted so the Rimsky-Korsakoffee could be haunted as well. Judging from what has been written and some of the pictures though, it seems like the owner has designed the café to take advantage of this vague notoriety.

It’s not a secret shop per se, in fact it seems really popular, but it’s not something you’ll just walk into from the main road. People say you have to know what you’re looking for to get there. It is reportedly open from 7pm to midnight (or slightly longer on weekends), there’s something about the tables, and there’s one area that some might call spooky and some might call just plain weird.

It is in Portland which has a great coffee scene, so the coffee might be good but the desserts sure do sound to be really great. The ambience even if it may not be really haunted, seem interesting enough to plan a vacation around on. I guess if you really want a reference on what it could be like, think Van Gogh is Bipolar (though I have not been there myself personally).

Is Rimsky-Korsakoffee House really haunted? I guess we’ll have to visit it to find out.

Cool Beans Coffee Roasters (Marietta, Georgia)

Now as someone who named his blog as “shareyourkape” which some might say it cheeky, I won’t comment on this shop being called “Cool Beans”.

I could only find three sources that tackle the possibility of this shop being haunted, and one of them requires me subscribing so I couldn’t even read it. Paranormal investigators were involved with this one, though, and they corroborated some of the things the baristas have been experiencing. 

This place seems to run the gamut of spectres: from supposedly shy and friendly ones who apparently like “tacos”; to a crying baby to which one of the paranormal investigators explained is usually a demon disguising itself as something more innocent.

It’s that last part, the ghosts who appear as infants or kids can be demons in disguise, that really got me. The floor I used to work at in a bank’s head office had reports of a little girl haunting it. Several office mates report that they’ve seen a small girl running towards the restrooms at the back of the room. Our late department head was said to have had an encounter with the little girl in his office one day when he was the first person in the office. Maybe that wasn’t a little girl after all. 

I never saw her, but one night when I was the only one left in the office and trying to finish reports, a couple of folders I placed on top of my computer table (it’s like those small computer tables for students that has a shelf to put a printer on in the top) just dropped between me and the monitor. The combination of me so focused on reading financial statements, the silence of the large office, and this sudden bang (the fat folders dropped on their to the table) really freaked me out. I still finished the report I was working on, but I made sure to get out of there and not stay that long in the office again.

I kind of hijacked this story, but that’s just really how little about the alleged haunting of Cool Beans Coffee Roasters I could find.

#shareyourkape rimsky-korsakoffee house cool beans coffee roasters
Cup from Tasa.atbp, coffee from Ellipsis Coffee Antipolo, Timemore Grinder (read this)

Like I said, if anybody reading this knows of other locations that might be haunted, hit me up and let’s talk about it. I’d like to tell that story.


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