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You won’t have good coffee without good coffee

When people lose sight of what’s important, well it’s absolutely frustrating innit? There will be coffee in this if you read on, trust me.

With some slight adjustment for grind retention and purging. Brazil from Langora sourced from Uggy Cafe

It’s common knowledge now that Blockbuster (think: video rental stores) had a chance to buy Netflix but didn’t. What most don’t know is that Blockbuster started their own online platform, Total Access, to compete with Netflix (still not streaming at this point but at least video rentals online). Blockbuster started bleeding revenue, since apparently they relied heavily on late return penalties in the old model, and notorious activist investor Carl Icahn (a name we always looked out for when analyzing companies) put a stop to it and voted to change CEOs. Blockbuster went bankrupt a few years later. They only wanted to stop losing money, in turn they lost their company.

We need a pandemic to be contained, but we apparently need to give attention to other issues that frankly could have been shelved for the meantime (we didn’t need a beach in the Metro that we can’t really visit yet because of the pandemic). When you sit in your workplace and think “wait, why are we doing this?”, it’s because someone calling the shots is mostly doing it for their benefit rather than what the company needs.

It may not seem to be too serious but consider the possible consequences: the pandemic continues to spread so the economy cannot still fully re-open; you can lose your job (see Blockbuster example above) without you doing anything wrong.

#shareyourkape #langorakaffee
Sometimes an aggressive first pour helps

Now I don’t really care about the prices of some coffee equipment (although I stick to my opinion that some of these are overpriced) particularly if you are in the business of making coffee. If you’re a home brewer and want to buy expensive equipment, then go ahead if that makes you happy. But when you only buy suspiciously cheap coffee because you blew all your budget on the equipment (especially if you did it just to “flex”), then that’s where I really have the problem. Your expensive equipment won’t matter if you only use bad coffee with it, because it’s still going to taste like crap coffee. If you want to support the coffee industry, then don’t scrimp on the actual coffee. When all we have left is crap coffee, there won’t be a need to make precision coffee brewing equipment.

#shareyourkape #lakbaybrew
Ethiopia Kochere (tea-like for real) from Lakbay Brew

I’m not saying only buy the really expensive ones. You just have to be more discerning. Fortunately, this is something that’s easy to identify and address. Just remember, good coffee equipment only help bring out the best in good coffee.

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