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Another Post about Instant Coffee

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When I posted this article in the Facebook page, I got this golden nugget of a comment:

“I don’t get the hate , coffee should be celebrated in any form, what if that is only the coffee they can afford, do I need to tell them their coffee sucks? Absolutely not!

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Summer Kape

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Those following me on Instagram (@shareyourkape) probably have seen that I was a tad bit too eager to pull the trigger on buying home brewing equipment, not to mention buying coffee beans frequently. Now that I’m working from home, I can’t rely on Baristas to prepare me good coffee anymore due to lockdown and the need to follow social distancing protocols. I also have more time to learn how to make coffee at home, thus I have no more excuses. So although I started the lockdown drinking instant coffee, I knew it wouldn’t be sustainable (and shouldn’t be). But here’s the thing: I’ve been doing this during one of the harshest summers  in the Philippines that I can remember, and I’m still drinking hot coffee – and I think it helps.

#shareyourkape #summerkape #flatbedchallenge

Ceramic V60, glass carafe, digital scale (a cheap one), and timemore c2 grinder all bought from Lazada.

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