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The Timemore C2, is it Fine for Espresso?

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There has always been something I wanted to try on my own ever since I got my Timemore Chestnut C2 grinder: grinding beans for espresso for an actual espresso maker. I have tried grinding beans for Aeropresso, going as fine as 10 clicks on the Timemore C2, but it’s different when you have to make proper espresso. Well, I was offered by Etica Lifetstyle to try out a Flair Signature for a week and now I can finally find out for myself if a Timemore C2 can actually  – well at least for a Flair Espresso Maker.

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I didn’t spill grinds to be artistic or anything, this was the first time I tried doing this. 10 clicks. It was a bad shot

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People associate themselves with coffee, here’s (probably) why

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I have not watched Inglorious Basterds (the whole movie) ever. I have, however, watched a handful of snippets of scenes through YouTube. I probably have a weird version of it stitched together in my imagination. My most favorite scenes are when Fassbender’s character gets killed in a bloody shootout and; Hans Landa creeping the F out of Shoshana Dreyfus in the famous Strudel Scene. Yes, I totally dissed Fassbender because I think he’s overrated.

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Drink the coffee, enjoy the latte art

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