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Finally, more outside Kape

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My wife and I got fully vaccinated recently and we’ve been visiting the place we frequented pre-pandemic. We barely went out for almost two years to lessen the risk of catching the virus. Judging from me being hospitalized for having Covid 19, it was necessary for us to do that for survival.

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Missed drinking coffee in an actual shop, but also glad I can also brew coffee at home now
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This is a rant

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I had a recent revelation. We have an uncle (well, he’s my mom’s cousin) who lives with us. He helps us out in the house and I pay him a wage on top of what he earns being employed by the barangay. I confronted him about going out drinking with people not living with us (we’ve also talked about this several times during 2020) even when there were recent confirmed Covid-19 cases inside our village. One of the reasons he gave why he thought it was not reckless (what he did) was that they were drinking gin – because he was told that gin kills the coronavirus. What was my revelation? My wife and I live with someone who actually believed that.

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BTW, I need a bigger table for my coffee things
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