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Finally, more outside Kape

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My wife and I got fully vaccinated recently and we’ve been visiting the place we frequented pre-pandemic. We barely went out for almost two years to lessen the risk of catching the virus. Judging from me being hospitalized for having Covid 19, it was necessary for us to do that for survival.

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Missed drinking coffee in an actual shop, but also glad I can also brew coffee at home now
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You cook but why won’t you make coffee?

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I would not be surprised if online content of cooking anything are crushing views right now due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (Phillippine Lockdown) caused by Covid-19. We’re in it for a more than a month now and a lot of people are either searching for new recipes or are trying to recreate some of their favorite meals from restaurants in their own homes.

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Coffee and Natural light are a match made in heaven

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Working from home during quarantine, don’t forget your coffee

I have my complaints, but I am grateful I have an opportunity to work from home and even more grateful I am living in a home that makes it relatively easy to just #stayathome to help #flattenthecurve. Having said that, it’s not my dream job, but it’s what I have now and it helps pay the bills.


This may seem nice at first, but it’s not good for the long-term/ pexels via Pixabay.com

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