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a reminder to apply an adequate level of scrutiny

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For some strange reason, I’ve recently been suggested a handful of YouTube videos that discuss the Juicero. It’s this sleek looking juicer, that was heavily backed by some big companies. You can say it’s like a coffee pod machine, though it was more like those Flavia machines that I only got to try during a visit to the company’s global headquarters. These circumvent being tagged with the notorious “instant” moniker by being (supposedly) a middle ground. See it does give you actual fruit and vegetable juice, but it comes in packets. The packets thing is why I say it’s more like a Flavia. Compared to the Flavia, however, the Juicero was somehow “weirder”.

#shareyourkape #elunion
I’ve been using my new el union mugs non-stop since getting them.
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