Responsibly Sourced Instant Kape?

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I am skeptical about a lot of things, in fact someone who was presenting an MLM opportunity to me once got frustrated and lashed out at me because I was asking too many “negative” questions. The recent news of a major instant coffee manufacturer investing to make it’s coffee supply “100% responsibly sourced”, it might actually be helpful for their partner farmers, but it could also be them doing excellent research and marketing about some of the factors why people prefer specialty coffee. I doubt they will actually invest in good tasting coffee, so they concentrated on something they can control – “responsibly sourced” coffee. Again, I’m just a skeptic and that is just my opinion.

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Neither a picture of instant coffee nor not good tasting coffee
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You should buy my course, I have a luxury car

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Let’s be real: I spend money on coffee and coffee equipment all so I can make coffee at home that I either like to drink or try coffee I’ve never had before – because I am staying at home and there is a dearth of specialty coffee shops here in Cainta. Will most of you like the coffee I make? I don’t think so. Do I like it? I can drink it, so yeah. Should I sell you an online course on how to make coffee? Of course not.

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In this age, you can learn a lot of things for free – even learning from actual experts
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Noisy Coffee

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Home coffee brewers, especially those who only started during the pandemic, I know I’m not the only who will commit to a specific dripper/brewer and beans combination for the day. Now, unless you’re a robot (or using a precision brewer), you won’t brew coffee 100% similar every time but you can make it as close as possible – especially if you’ve taken notes (which I don’t). But does it still happen that however hard you try, your resulting cups of coffee still taste different from each other? According to these articles, that may be because of what you’re hearing while drinking the coffee.

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Coffee taste is apparently affected by our auditory senses as well
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My (unqualified) thoughts about the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle

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I was using a knock off Hario Buono Kettle early on during the 2020 lockdown. I’m not proud of it and I did it because it was cheap, it already had a thermometer built-in, and I naively thought it would only be in need for a couple months more. Well I don’t have to be ashamed anymore because now I have a Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle which looks amazing, it boils water, and uhhhhh – it has a built-in game.

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What’s in the box? What’s in the boooooox? An electric kettle
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