Instant Coffee, is it Kape?

#shareyourkape #sykinstantcoffee

#shareyourkape #sykinstantcoffee

Of course it’s coffee, coffee beans were brewed with hot coffee and then processed (by processed I mean it was dried) eventually leading to the powder/granules we all know. Therefore, that popular instant coffee company’s tag line a while back that there’s were made from “real coffee beans”? That’s a load of crap.

But considering it as actual Kape goes deeper than that. Three levels deep in fact: Continue reading “Instant Coffee, is it Kape?”

Kape is Filipino for Coffee

Wait up, just want to create a time stamp. At this moment when I finished setting up this blog and started writing this article, there are 56 followers of @shareyourkape on Instagram. I guess you can call this a “spin-off” (I am a finance major after all) of a food-centric blog.

Costa Coffee share your kape

A heart? A rosetta? A Fern? A rorschach test?

So why share your kape? Why not? I drink coffee almost every day. I like sharing it. Why create an Instagram page (and now a blog) dedicated to coffee? Do I want to stop bad coffee? No. I mean the first article features coffee and food from a Costa Coffee. (Which is not bad, but highly commercialized). Continue reading “Kape is Filipino for Coffee”