Instant coffee, is it Kape? – The Coffee Bean, not the tea leaf

Let’s keep this within the bounds of the mass-produced, instant coffee brands that majority of the population drink (probably every day), shall we. You can argue that there are the “premium lines” that these instant coffee producers have that are supposed to be better (and thus more expensive). To me, though, that’s most probably just marketing and it’s almost the exact same ingredients there.

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Here’s what a 3-in-1 from the office vendo looks like. Foamy eh?

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Instant Coffee, is it Kape?

#shareyourkape #sykinstantcoffee

#shareyourkape #sykinstantcoffee

Of course it’s coffee, coffee beans were brewed with hot coffee and then processed (by processed I mean it was dried) eventually leading to the powder/granules we all know. Therefore, that popular instant coffee company’s tag line a while back that there’s were made from “real coffee beans”? That’s a load of crap.

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