Instant Coffee, is it Kape? Bitterness is not my best friend

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Does instant coffee really taste inferior to brewed coffee? I talked extensively about the quality of beans and the instant coffee manufacturers not caring about taste as long as they sell a lot. For actual coffee fanatics (I do not consider myself as one), the difference will be pronounced. But how about average Joes like us?

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This is the office instant coffee. The foam means nothing.

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I needed a break, so I Hustled

Cheesy title aside, here’s a feature on a café within Cubao that isn’t fronted by a mermaid – Hustle Café. Anyone familiar with the Araneta Center area will get what I mean. It’s full of big chain brands, including cafes. Why do you need four mermaids in such a small area anyway?!

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Jender, my man, you make a great cup of coffee.

I know it seems like a risk to put up a café/coffee shop within this area but believe me, if you put up a specialty coffee shop in the middle of all these players, your shop’s going to have an immediate draw. The area’s so saturated with second wave shops, always full of (mostly noisy) people, that a calm spot that doesn’t offer frappe’s would be a welcome change. I digress… Continue reading “I needed a break, so I Hustled”

Coffee before bed sounds like a good plan, or is it?

I’ll tell you the answer now: Coffee at night is not a good plan, generally. Do read on though. I’m someone who drinks a cup at night (usually something with milk like a Latte or Mocha, an EACH Mocha) and I’m writing this for one thing, and one thing only: To prove that this habit is not the reason I find it hard to sleep at night.

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For research purposes (excuses) I am drinking a mug of coffee at 7pm in the evening

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