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Coffee I would otherwise not be raving about but I now miss badly because of the pandemic

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Now, I’ve talked about how I didn’t like brewing my own coffee before to eventually investing in brewing equipment. It’s been great. The coffee I make most probably will not taste as good to other people who will taste it, but at least I still get to drink coffee without going out of the house. Of course, making a trip to a specialty shop is always amazing mainly because you get good coffee brewed by professionals. However, there are places where I used to get not so good coffee (bad, I got bad coffee there majority of the time) prior to the pandemic that I just don’t feel safe going to right now.

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Like this black hole looking thing, I want to get one of these again

Getting coffee for work, like popping in to a second wave shop (there will be an exception) or even the desperation instant coffee from the office vendo machine, that’s not what I meant with that long-winded title. Those would be essential if I still had to report physically to work as part of a normal routine. Read on to get what I really mean.

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Consumption for Survival

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Know what’s my favorite breakfast meals when I have to eat outside of the house? A sausage egg McMuffin with hash browns (yes, more than one) from McDonald’s and/or either the corned beef or longganisa meals from Tropical Hut. The latter are harder to come by as there are not that many branches of Tropical Hut (you’d be lucky to find at least one in a city). If it’s McDonald’s, it’s better to eat the McMuffin in store while it’s still hot and I mostly have it with a small coffee. With Tropical Hut, you get a small coffee and a really small Pineapple Juice automatically.

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Coffee at home, in the garden. Yeah, such an original caption
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Finally got to go to a coffee shop again, thanks to sweetened coffee

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I got to go out for coffee again. A new shop opened in the same village where one of our friends lived so a bunch of us agreed to meet up there for a catch-up (as well as to play mobile legends together). It was all alfresco seating and a few in our group were already vaccinated, I just felt that I needed to add that last one in.

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How’s that crema looking?
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Caffeine for the Sleepless

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I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Financial Management and have been fortunate enough to find jobs where I was actually able to use that degree. The bulk of my professional career has been working as an analyst for a bank and an insurance company, and my coffee consumption, scrutiny, and tolerance has increased during this time. This isn’t really a flex (though it literally would have been a weird one if it was), it has something to do with this post’s topic.

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The questions is: with the phenomenon that is “I need to drink coffee to make coffee”, is making coffee a complex task?
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