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Smart Phone Cameras were made for shooting Coffee

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Stay with me here. I repeat: Smart Phone Cameras were made (invented even!) for shooting coffee!

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I was shooting this on my own, on an older phone, but you can see the limitations of the camera phone.

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Business Opportunity Closed at a Second Wave Shop

“Open-minded ka ba? Tara, kape tayo!” (Are you open-minded? Let’s get some coffee!). That invite has been abused to death that it’s become a (Filipino) meme. I acknowledge that this article is about a year or two too late already, “business opportunity” meetings are not saturated in second wave coffee shops anymore. These “multi-level marketing” (MLM) companies now actually invest more in their own spaces. That and the fact that some marketers not caring where they conduct their “business opportunity” meetings so long as they “close the deal”

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If ever you do get to a shop where business opportunities are being discussed, just find a nook like this one.

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Kape is Filipino for Coffee

Wait up, just want to create a time stamp. At this moment when I finished setting up this blog and started writing this article, there are 56 followers of @shareyourkape on Instagram. I guess you can call this a “spin-off” (I am a finance major after all) of a food-centric blog.

Costa Coffee share your kape

A heart? A rosetta? A Fern? A rorschach test?

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