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Coffee can be good for your liver – let’s just get straight to the point

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We like coffee. Recent coffee news I’ve written about were more on the negative side, but now I have a piece that I think will be a nice to know for most of us: Coffee helps reduce the risk of liver cancer or at least liver disease, I can’t figure out specifics.

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Wherever you want to drink your coffee, just drink it
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Caffeine for the Sleepless

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I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Financial Management and have been fortunate enough to find jobs where I was actually able to use that degree. The bulk of my professional career has been working as an analyst for a bank and an insurance company, and my coffee consumption, scrutiny, and tolerance has increased during this time. This isn’t really a flex (though it literally would have been a weird one if it was), it has something to do with this post’s topic.

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The questions is: with the phenomenon that is “I need to drink coffee to make coffee”, is making coffee a complex task?
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AI Q Grader?

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A Colombian-Israeli startup named Demetria is reported to have created an artificial intelligence data platform that supposedly can determine the quality of beans. We’ve seen that viral video of a robot making a latte, complete with latte art, but this takes it to another level – this is automating something only experienced professionals with impeccable senses are able (and licensed) to do.

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It’s not often I get to try coffee like this
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