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Drink EACH coffee, savor EACH cup

Exchange Alley Coffee House (EACH) is a godsend.

Drink EACH Coffee

Haven’t seen anyone post theirs like that yet

From the man who brought specialty coffee to the South with Magnum Opus Fine Coffees, EACH has been a specialty coffee buzz the Molito Lifestyle Center (or the Alabang area for that matter) badly needed. Continue reading “Drink EACH coffee, savor EACH cup”

Kape is Filipino for Coffee

Wait up, just want to create a time stamp. At this moment when I finished setting up this blog and started writing this article, there are 56 followers of @shareyourkape on Instagram. I guess you can call this a “spin-off” (I am a finance major after all) of a food-centric blog.

Costa Coffee share your kape

A heart? A rosetta? A Fern? A rorschach test?

So why share your kape? Why not? I drink coffee almost every day. I like sharing it. Why create an Instagram page (and now a blog) dedicated to coffee? Do I want to stop bad coffee? No. I mean the first article features coffee and food from a Costa Coffee. (Which is not bad, but highly commercialized). Continue reading “Kape is Filipino for Coffee”