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Coffee I would otherwise not be raving about but I now miss badly because of the pandemic

Now, I’ve talked about how I didn’t like brewing my own coffee before to eventually investing in brewing equipment. It’s been great. The coffee I make most probably will not taste as good to other people who will taste it, but at least I still get to drink coffee without going out of the house. Of course, making a trip to a specialty shop is always amazing mainly because you get good coffee brewed by professionals. However, there are places where I used to get not so good coffee (bad, I got bad coffee there majority of the time) prior to the pandemic that I just don’t feel safe going to right now.

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Like this black hole looking thing, I want to get one of these again

Getting coffee for work, like popping in to a second wave shop (there will be an exception) or even the desperation instant coffee from the office vendo machine, that’s not what I meant with that long-winded title. Those would be essential if I still had to report physically to work as part of a normal routine. Read on to get what I really mean.

Free Hotel Coffee

I’ve often lamented about the Free Hotel Coffee at the times when I would be in one for a training or the seldom times we stayed in one for a short vacation. Staycations, if anybody still uses that term, are something I would not risk right now even if we were already fully vaccinated.

#shareyourkape #notsogoodcoffeeimiss #manilahotelcoffee #cafeilangilangcoffee
The hotel coffee in the breakfast buffet, I also miss that

We have no idea when we will feel safe to stay in hotels again, but I certainly miss making a cup of free coffee inside a somewhat posh standard room (believe me, paying for a suite isn’t really all that special) for a short time-off from work. It would not be the best tasting cup ever, one of our favorite hotels even only offers small packets of instant coffee (even at their suites), but the place where I’ll be making and drinking it is what makes me miss Free Hotel Coffee so much right now.

Also, I want to try bringing some of my equipment (most probably the Aeropress or the Flair with the small scale and the Timemore C2) and brew coffee in a hotel. Once we achieve herd immunity in the Philippines, I will definitely do this and even post about it.

Airplane Coffee

“Coffee, Tea, Water?” Ah, yes, economy class airplane seats. Despite how cramped those seats are, how I so want to get in one now. Particularly, I would love to get on an economy class seat to get to a country I have not been to yet. Made that sound like I’ve been to a lot, I’ve only been to two countries. I can literally throw a dart on a world map and it would most probably hit a country I have not been to.

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Airplane coffee, even these things from economy class, are always somewhat of a luxury

It isn’t much, but Airplane Coffee is such a big help. It’s tastes bitter as hell (probably on purpose given that it’s in a freakin’ pressurize cabin), it’s always piping hot, and the portions are regulated to lower the risk of hot beverage scalding you when a sudden patch of turbulence sneaks up on you. When you hear the cabin crew moving down the aisle asking everybody for “Coffee, Tea, Water?”, you know it’s coffee you’re taking for survival not for pleasure. And after a few hours fidgeting in an economy class seat, moving through different timezones, it’s coffee you actually kind of look forward to.

I do want to try business class at least once in my life, First Class may be a long shot but yeah also once. I see YouTube vids where some airlines offer espresso drinks, but I would wager that the taste of the coffee would be the same as in economy – just fancier.

Donut Shop Coffee

It has to be that specific. I have to get a donut along with that Donut Shop Coffee, and that’s the advantage with a some other second waves. It will always be batch brew, black, and a donut which is mostly the most basic one they have. It’s not healthy, and it’s not really good coffee, but I like it. It’s part nostalgic and part helpful for work.

#shareyourkape #notsogoodcoffeeimiss #kapeatdonut
Don’t you just want to get one these with that generic cup of joe?

I am not kidding. I tried ordering Dunkin’ Donuts recently through their App to get that Donut and Donut Shop Coffee fix, delivery does not feel as fulfilling as buying these things in store. For one, most of your coffee will get spilled during delivery and you can’t really control which donuts you’d be getting. It’s still better to drop in to these Donut Shops, check the available donuts displayed, and walking out of there with a warm cup of coffee and a paper bag with a donut in hand.

I swear I miss getting Donut Shop Coffee.

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So basically, I want to have a staycation and travel by plane. I had to write coffee in here because, well it’s a coffee themed blog. Hey, #shareyourkape

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