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Finally got to go to a coffee shop again, thanks to sweetened coffee

I got to go out for coffee again. A new shop opened in the same village where one of our friends lived so a bunch of us agreed to meet up there for a catch-up (as well as to play mobile legends together). It was all alfresco seating and a few in our group were already vaccinated, I just felt that I needed to add that last one in.

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How’s that crema looking?

The coffee wasn’t really something to write home about, particularly if you’re like me who only insisted on drinking an Americano and a Mocha (both hot). See the consensus from our group was that the Frappes were pretty good. The place was pretty filled up at times during our stay there, and a quick sweep of the orders in other tables also showed that the Frappes were really popular. The Instagram account of the café itself promotes that their best drink is possibly their Salted Caramel Frappe.

Now, I would want it to be more about the coffee itself, but I also get it. We Filipinos love sweet things and we also understand what coffee is for – what to drink when hanging out with sophisticated friends. Kidding aside, it seems that depending on your shop’s location you have to offer some serious sweet, blended coffee drinks to get people to go to your shop. It’s what will keep the lights on, and it can allow you to offer specialty coffee to a few connoisseurs (ooh, fancy) that find themselves in your shop. Coffee shops with a focus on just the coffee can already be considered as catering to a niche market worldwide, but it has a smaller market here in the Philippines. So if you want to have a coffee shop to make a living, you have to offer sweet things.

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But seriously, this is a good looking cafe!

Correct me if I’m wrong here, especially others who live in Cainta, but there are few coffee shops here and the few that I have been to offer a range of Frappes in their menu. Again, I get it but it also makes me wish there was a proper shop here. I brew coffee at home, yes, but it’s always only been me and my wife who have tasted it (well, my uncle but he just wants coffee to be bitter) so I would want fresh coffee brewed by actual trained baristas/shop owners. I would sell coffee myself, but I wouldn’t really help anyone at this point in my experience.

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Salted Caramel Affogato, ’nuff said

I’m not going to name the shop here, but I would like to commend how beautiful it is. It’s not an easy shop to get to though, primarily that it’s inside a gated community which is inside a gated community that has a full golf course inside it somewhere – I have never played golf in there. I was just happy to get coffee outside, and to meet some of my friends again and it would still be fun without the Mobile Legends (I think).

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