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I love drinking coffee but…

I love drinking good coffee. I still prefer baristas making the cup for me, but I have embraced trying to home brew during the pandemic (like a lot of us). However, I went through a brief period prior to the time of this writing when I didn’t even drink coffee.

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I know that shot does not look good. I really have not used the Flair for some thime now

I got bombarded by a lot of immediate deliverables at work. Then I got hit with several ailments that sapped me of my energy. Finally, the hot and humid weather. It started with me not wanting to make espresso with the flair, then just wanting to make coffee with a v60 as quickly as possible, to not wanting to take pictures of my coffee, to about a week not even having the drive to make coffee. How long did it take? You can check how long of a gap there was in my Instagram feed from April to May. Obviously, I could not also find myself writing an entry on this here blog.  

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I started brewing preferring the 4:6 method with an ordinary v60 01 last year. Now, I barely use it even with a v60 made specifically for it.

You’ve heard of the saying “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a single day”, or something of the sort. Do not buy too much into that. You’ll go through times when you’ll feel like you don’t want to do something no matter how much you like/love to do it. However, if it is something you love to do then you have a chance of wanting to do it again – you know, rekindling that passion (or something not as dramatic as that).

Obviously, me not wanting to make coffee and post it on social media is not that high of a risk for me; I’m not risking my livelihood by doing that. For those who have chosen to pursue their passion and that’s how they make a living, stepping back for an indefinite amount of time is not ideal. Now, not everyone are the same and thus this might not apply to all, but acknowledging you are feeling that way and taking a short break (like a weekend getaway or even a day devoted to personal wellness) can do wonders. Burnout is a real thing and you may run a risk of destroying your passion if you keep soldiering on even though you cannot.

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The deformed wave filter, more easier to achieve than you thought

If you subscribe to self-help content, you may think that seeming to lose interest in what’s supposed to be your passion is a bad thing. Worse-case scenario, you may end up blaming yourself for not trying enough. Again, we all go through periods like that. The importance of taking a step back is underrated and may seem foreign to most, but it is helpful.

#shareyourkape #burnoutcoffee #lilydrip
Read about the my (unqualified) views of the Lilydrip GIO here

So now I am once again posting and writing, and most importantly brewing and drinking good coffee at home. Things are still crazy at work and the weather is still hot and gross, but I have once again realized how coffee either helps me prepare for it or allows me to take a break from everything. I have, however, once again lost interest in Mobile Legends and currently once again playing Temple Run 2.

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