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This is a rant

I had a recent revelation. We have an uncle (well, he’s my mom’s cousin) who lives with us. He helps us out in the house and I pay him a wage on top of what he earns being employed by the barangay. I confronted him about going out drinking with people not living with us (we’ve also talked about this several times during 2020) even when there were recent confirmed Covid-19 cases inside our village. One of the reasons he gave why he thought it was not reckless (what he did) was that they were drinking gin – because he was told that gin kills the coronavirus. What was my revelation? My wife and I live with someone who actually believed that.

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BTW, I need a bigger table for my coffee things

Now it’s apparent that he went with that because it was convenient for what he wanted to do, which was to drink with his friends. I am not basing this on anything scientific, but I believe most of us do that to justify what we want to do. I’ve written stuff myself from the blatant posts where I just want to write about TV shows and throw in something about coffee in there, to pieces where I jump on the internet to find articles and studies (if available) that support what I believe in (like if drinking coffee at night was good for some).

However, what my uncle did was close to making something up (or believing something made up someone else told him) that may lead to serious repercussions. He believed it so much that he thought he did nothing wrong and that he was taking the pandemic seriously. If you’ve heard of this certain Physical Therapist (I am not naming the guy) who kept spurting out BS on Facebook about the pandemic and wonder who actually believed him, well apparently people like my uncle.

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Ah, yes, the Fellow Stagg EKG. It really is a nice to have rather than a need.

I am not a scientist or a medical professional, but from what I have read and watched we are still in a global pandemic. There are already people vaccinated (although it’s still relatively slow in our country), but we all still need to treat this virus seriously. A lot of us have been in home quarantine for over a year now, the vaccine is so close and we can all hold out for that for a little bit more (hopefully). Most of us have already upgraded our home brewing equipment and have established which roasters we prefer for our coffee, let’s continue to do our part and enjoy coffee in the comfort of our homes (if you have that luxury).

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Swirl that coffee

If you thought this was a bit of a rant on my part, you wouldn’t be wrong. A month in from our talk and I am still frustrated (and irritated). We’re just thankful that the symptoms that resembled some of Covid-19’s were not due to it based on our swab test, but it definitely caused a bit of a panic. Don’t believe everything you’ve read on Facebook or what your friends just tell you out of the blue. Read up on the pandemic from reputable sources and when you get the chance, get vaccinated. Oh, and let’s all continue to drink (good) coffee from home!

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