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Responsibly Sourced Instant Kape?

I am skeptical about a lot of things, in fact someone who was presenting an MLM opportunity to me once got frustrated and lashed out at me because I was asking too many “negative” questions. The recent news of a major instant coffee manufacturer investing to make it’s coffee supply “100% responsibly sourced”, it might actually be helpful for their partner farmers, but it could also be them doing excellent research and marketing about some of the factors why people prefer specialty coffee. I doubt they will actually invest in good tasting coffee, so they concentrated on something they can control – “responsibly sourced” coffee. Again, I’m just a skeptic and that is just my opinion.

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Neither a picture of instant coffee nor not good tasting coffee

Be that as it may, at least they’re adjusting to the reality of more people choosing better coffee. They could have easily dismissed this by controlling the narrative for their own gain. It can still be a misdirection, but at least they’re saying they’ll go with what consumers want.

It can be as simple as someone at work trying to impress people to either keep their job or further their career at the cost of others by adding work without consulting them first to something devastating such as a country’s leader downplaying the pandemic to hide the fact they acted too slow to control it and that they will still look strong and good. From somebody who has to flex on people on the brink of a recession to hook them into buying some BS thing they don’t really need to someone wasting time and resources (and even endangering lives and the country’s democracy) all because they could not accept they lost.

#shareyourkape #responsiblysourcedinstantcoffee
You can choose to only drink instant coffee (if you can afford not to), but you’ll be missing out on gear like this Origami

Just remember: These only work when we choose to believe them. Some are adept at using misdirection but a certain level of scrutiny, and that can be helped about being skeptical to a degree, ensures that you won’t accept anything just because you were told so. By the way, I have an issue that some “gurus” keep including coffee as an expense to cut out for those struggling to save money. This irks me because not only does it not address the root cause, but it also dunks on coffee unnecessarily. Total any amount for an entire year and it will always look substantial. If you’re talking to someone already struggling to save money and coffee is part of the equation, coffee cost will most likely be just a small percentage of that whole problem. This can be a topic for a future post.

#shareyourkape #responsiblysourcedcoffee
This lovely mug by El Union has not yet had instant coffee in it. Weird flex, but ok

If somehow it really leads to something better for the environment, then this plan will have benefits that go beyond gripes about the how bad the taste of commercial instant coffee is. However, will the plan actually yield the positives they claim? Or are they simply using these buzzwords to catch the attention of consumers to drive back some of the market share they’ve lost to specialty coffee recently? We can’t really tell yet. I just have this to say, and again this is just my opinion (based on a career of industry/market research), their scale does not allow them to easily adopt higher quality coffee at the current state.

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