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a reminder to apply an adequate level of scrutiny

For some strange reason, I’ve recently been suggested a handful of YouTube videos that discuss the Juicero. It’s this sleek looking juicer, that was heavily backed by some big companies. You can say it’s like a coffee pod machine, though it was more like those Flavia machines that I only got to try during a visit to the company’s global headquarters. These circumvent being tagged with the notorious “instant” moniker by being (supposedly) a middle ground. See it does give you actual fruit and vegetable juice, but it comes in packets. The packets thing is why I say it’s more like a Flavia. Compared to the Flavia, however, the Juicero was somehow “weirder”.

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I’ve been using my new el union mugs non-stop since getting them.

It looked good, futuristic. It was promoting traceability for the fruits and vegetables used for your juice, something coffee people will appreciate. It harnessed the “power of IoT”, so much that the unit required to be connected to WiFi. It “made” you juice with essentially a press of a button – from packets of pre-made juices. It didn’t last long.

First of, as a lot of people pointed out, since all the juice was in the packet (not just a concentrate that the Juicero will add water to like what the Flavia does with pre-ground coffee) then you can just cut it open and you (ta-dah) have juice. It being connected to the internet also didn’t mean much to the potential consumer since it was utilized mostly for the company’s purposes: ensuring you can only use packets they’ve supplied themselves and you need to keep buying from them since the juicero will not press a packet that’s already beyond its best before date. Well, technically it’s used to help the company mine data to improve their production.

It wasn’t that bad, all things considered, especially now with the advent of the Smart Home. However, aside from it being expensive (including the costs of packets you have to keep purchasing), ultimately the company was utilizing the IoT aspect of the Juicero for their own gain aside from providing value to its potential consumers aside from, well pressing juice packets (read this for a more thorough explanation). A few tweaks, and the Juicero can be part of everyone’s kitchen counter nowadays.

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It’s easy to get hooked by beautiful visuals and the effective use of buzzwords, but when you apply an adequate level of scrutiny then you’ll find it’s easier to make a decision about something. It’s not so bad when we’re studying the viability of a product compared to what is claimed it can do, but my issue about this is that it’s also utilized predatorily by several “get rich quick” schemes. The luxurious cars, swanky mansions, and (oddly enough) just having copious amounts of money physically being held by someone promising you can get rich quick (like they haven’t heard of banks and credit cards). The promises of “being your own boss”, “working only once a week”, and “I care more about the knowledge than the money”. They’re not out to help you, no. They’re out to use you to maintain, or worse achieve that lifestyle.

I’m not saying that the intentions of the maker of the Juicero was to hustle investors and potential customers. That’s not the point. It’s for you, the reader of this blog post, to remind you that although it won’t be easy (or popular) to scrutinize anything you have to spend money on, doing it might save you from buying/paying for something that you maybe don’t need anyway. It can also save you from losing money in the pursuit of making money easily. From questioning why an investment is promising a fixed rate of return higher than industry standards (you know, like a ponzi scheme), understanding if the company mainly makes money within it’s organization (pyramid scheme), or even just asking “why is this guy claiming to be so rich without any info about how he made his fortune then why does he want me pay an oddly specific amount of money for a course/webinar” (majority of “fake gurus”).

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Aeropresso, a household milk brand that’s not known for frothing, using a french press to froth said milk, and using a small milk server (the kind you see used in restaurants – all of that just to get whatever this is

I totally just mentioned Flavia at the beginning of this post to connect it to coffee, and I respect people who will question if this really is a coffee themed blog. I just believe this reminder needs to be put out there as this pandemic has been this long and people are looking for more ways to earn – which makes them susceptible to fall victim to losing more money for something they could have easily avoided. I also encourage you to try watching Coffeezilla on YouTube for more discussions about fake gurus. Also, a reminder that not everyone needs every beautiful thing (and that includes coffee equipment) that they see online.

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