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Coffee Wishlist as of 2020 (except there wasn’t a list prior to 2020)

With our company announcing that work from home will be extended beyond January 2021, the interest to add to my home coffee equipment just keeps increasing. This doesn’t mean I’ll be buying any of these immediately: these are things that I wish I could own someday. It’s just nice to think about owning things that when you do have the opportunity to get them, you feel so fulfilled and accomplished.

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Still looking to brew manually mostly (cup from tasa.atbp)

GINA Smart Coffee Brewer by Goat Story

There are a lot of drippers available that I might snag up (particularly a flat-bottomed one eventhough the one I bought recently was another V60), but something I really want to see in my coffee area is the GINA Smart Coffee Brewer by Goat Story. Now I still do prefer manual coffee equipment, but technically the GINA Smart isn’t a machine. The prospect of having the scale built-in, can be connected to a phone, and the versatility of the brewer itself – all coming in this sleek, beautiful package – is just so enticing.

It’s also something that’s been proven to work on a global stage. There are a lot more options that also have this percolation-immersion in one system (some are even much cheaper) but I think the GINA Smart Coffee Brewer is one of those that allow for more control. Plus the carafe that comes with it is just nice.

Flair Pro 2 Espresso Maker

Now no matter how long I need to stay at home, getting an espresso machine that requires a ton of maintenance is not enticing to me. There are several options for manual espresso makers at home, but having already tried the Flair I just want to go with what I already know. It’s a toss up between a Signature and a Pro 2, especially since the Signature’s brew head can be upgraded to the Pro anyway, but if I’m going to spend money just to upgrade might as well just go with the option that has a lot less fuss.

It will be a good addition to my coffee counter, plus you get proper shots of espresso from a fully manual thing. Now, I can probably survive a couple of months just relying on my Timemore C2, but if I do get a Flair Pro 2 then the next thing on the list will be something that I need to get next, ASAP.

HG – 1 Weber Workshops

A manual grinder, but not a Comandante or a Kinu, I want an HG – 1 whenever I do get a Flair Pro 2 (or any proper espresso maker). There are little reviews about this thing you can find immediately, which may be because of its price. It is, after all, a manual grinder that costs USD 1,000 (about Php 50,000). Now I’ve had a short discussion with Dinoh of Uggy Café about the HG – 1, which only made me want it even more.

It’s said to produce uniform grounds, go fine enough for any espresso machine, and look good AF as any manual grinder could be. It’s a large thing that will sit in your counter, but it just looks so elegant while still being industrial – if that makes sense.

Something Really expensive that I know I won’t be buying anytime soon: EG – 1 Weber Workshops

So this one kind of surprised me when it lost to the Niche Zero when I put the two against each other in an IG story poll. See, I’ve kept seeing these things in bars of really serious coffee people. It’s that rare thing when it just functions well – while also looking absolutely beautiful.

But I don’t think I’ll be buying one anytime soon because: 1.) It’s absolutely expensive; 2.) It’s a machine that would require maintenance; and 3.) It will be overkill for home brewing.

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Would love to have my own coffee line in the future (and a shop), but for now thanks to Lakbay Brew for letting me design bags for friends and family

What’s on your wishlist? You can share yours in the comments below. If I ever do get any one of these things, you’ll be sure to know about it on the @shareyourkape Instagram. Just remember: your coffee equipment won’t matter if you don’t use good coffee with it. Drink (kape) responsibly.

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