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Early thoughts about the Timemore (White) Black Mirror Scale – by someone not qualified to review it

The closest things to reviews I do on coffee equipment is when I write one of those “My (unqualified) thoughts…” and they are what the title implies: thoughts about the product by someone unqualified to do a review about them. I want to use whatever equipment as much as I can before I write my thoughts about it, but I just got this Timemore (white) black mirror scale and I just can’t wait to share my initial thoughts. So now, if I haven’t used an equipment for more than 10 times (and I’m too excited about and have nothing else to write), I’ll just write one of these. Here are my initial thoughts about the Timemore (white) black mirror scale – basic version.

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I’m not going to lie, I love how the look of this scale

If you’ve read my thoughts on the “Hello” Coffee Scale then right off the bat there’s already a big difference between the two: I wanted and planned to buy the Timemore (white) black mirror scale.

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You can tell that I’ve been using the “Hello” scale a lot (and not being careful)
#shareyourkape #timemoreblackmirror #timemorewhitemirror
These instructions in the plastic wrap are actually helpful, especially with the nuances on how to use the timer

I’ve found the packaging of Timemore products all nice so far. For the Timemore (white) black mirror scale, there are some important text regarding the product immediately noticeable when you open the box. The scale itself is packed by plastic which have labels of the different buttons and displays. The labels help because of the design of the scale (more of that later) but are even more useful for people buying scales for their coffee the first time (which some might be doing with this one given it’s price point and notoriety).

It’s still called the Timemore Black Mirror scale, but I got the white version to go with my white Timemore Chestnut C2 coffee grinder – and they do look good together. It’s almost just as big as the Hello Scale, but the design of the Timemore (white) black mirror scale is sleeker so it may look much smaller in pictures. It seems simple enough, but I love that they went with this light grey finish for the rubber mat. Although it’s a subtle color on its own, the grey pops out when it’s on top of the white scale. The scale itself is a stark white but there’s an opaque plastic shell on top of it that I guess helps make it water resistant. The buttons and the display are underneath the shell so when the scale if turned off, it’s just this clean white rectangle on your counter. On looks alone, this scale is a winner.

#shareyourkape #timemoreblackmirror #timemorewhitemirror
#shareyourkape #timemorechestnutc2 #timemorec2grinder #timemoreblackmirror #timemorewhitemirror
The display gets washed out when in direct sunlight/light
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It’s rechargeable through a USB C port on the right-top side of the scale. I believe they just used USB C since it’s the standard in most phones now. Not sure if this supports fast charging, especially since the cord that comes with it is USB A to USB C so it’s only as good as the max that USB A can handle. There’s no power brick available, though I have plenty of those old iPhone bricks throughout the house. I can maybe try charging it with the USB C to USB C charger of our laptop but I don’t think I want to risk that. They caution about fully charging the scale first time out of the box before using. I did. I’m just not sure it was fully charged, but the battery indicator on the display shows battery is full.

The display is white on white. It’s generally not difficult to see, but I tried it with sunlight hitting the display and it was slightly washed out. It’s calibrated out of the box so you can use it immediately, but if you still want to make sure (and have a proper set of weights), I saw a video on Youtube on how to calibrate it. I reckon you can also shoot a DM to @timemoreph and ask them how. I did notice a difference in the color of the displays. The buttons (power/tare and timer) on both sides are brighter and whiter than the displays in the middle, which are more yellowish. Not a deal breaker, but if you care up to last minute details, that’s a heads up.

#shareyourkape #timemoreblackmirror #timemorewhitemirror #timemorecoffeescale #timemorecharger
#shareyourkape #timemoreblackmirror #timemorewhitemirror

The Timemore (white) black mirror scale is responsive and gives real time measurements, something I am absolutely pumped about. If you’ve read my piece about the “Hello” scale, the lag on the read out from that scale was a major thing why I didn’t like it so much (more than it kept saying “HELLO” everytime I turn it on).

There’s just this weird thing when you tare the scale. No matter how lightly you press the tare button, the Timemore (white) black mirror scale will read out the weight of your press first, go back to the weight it read prior to that, and then it will zero out. It doesn’t take more than a second, but it’s just weird coming from scales that just zeroed immediately. The timer is also weird: you have to press slightly longer to stop it than when you press to start. Those button issues are but minor, and I’ll look into them more, plus you get a sound feedback that you’ve indeed pressed the button so you know you’re good to go. The important thing is that the scale is accurate and responsive.

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Zesty and sweet coffee Ethiopia Kochere beans roasted by Lakbay Brew

And there you have it, those are my first thoughts about my new Timemore (white) black mirror scale bought during Lazada’s 11.11 sale – and a day before Typhoone Ulysses devastated most of Luzon here in the Philippines. If you’re reading this a few days or weeks after it went live, most of the affected areas still need help. There are several groups you can donate to, which you can find in the various social media platforms. I’ve even shared some in my IG stories. No matter how small, what you can donate will go a long way to help those in need. Stay safe, and thanks for reading my initial thoughts on the Timemore (white) black mirror scale!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by Timemore or Timemore Philippines.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Been thinking about buying one too (though the black one cause that’s more my style) and I found this helpful.


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