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My (unqualified) thoughts about the “Hello” Coffee Scale

It only says “Coffee Scale” on the box. Also sometimes referred to as the Shopee Scale, though I bought mine through Lazada, the “Hello” scale is my first scale to have a built-in timer. I would have loved to tell you I thought hard about buying this, even weighing in on the Pros and Cons, but it wasn’t. I was in Lazada during the 8.8 sale to buy a replacement aircon unit and this scale was suggested to me during checkout. My first scale, that small  chrome bugger, had a bit of water damage. Though it still eventually worked again, I reckoned a new scale would be a good idea as a backup plan.

“Hello” scale with a bag of filter coffee from SlowMov

The scale is inexpensive, that is its main selling point, and also why I could just snatch it up as an add on with an appliance purchase. It’s not the sleekest design, it needs three triple A batteries to run (oddly enough, something that irks me), and it has a slight lag. Those are all my thoughts, end of article. That was fast, wasn’t it?

Alright, let’s discuss all those further. It’s a chunky boy and the screen on mine is already slightly raised. It comes with a rubber mat to prevent water getting on the scale itself, nice touch that you can choose to have it there or not. I do like that the display is big, but why does it have to say “HELLO” every damn time you turn it on? All digital displays do this upon boot up, but “HELLO” every time gets tacky – quick.

A rechargeable device would be nice, you wouldn’t have to keep buying batteries, but somehow this scale requiring 3 triple A’s really bothers me. I’ve had to replace the batteries recently, and now I’m stuck with one triple A that’s just sitting there. This is nitpicky, would not even matter that much at all, but it just riles me up.

I only have an equally cheap scale to compare it to, but this “Hello” coffee scale has a bit of a lag. This is especially apparent when I’m brewing with the Aeropress when I don’t have to really think about my pour rate because I just have to reach a certain ml. It sometimes jumps 10 or 20 mls so it’s quite easy to miss your target water weight. It’s not that much of an issue when you stop and you’re under your target, but it can easily cause you to go over your target and, although it’s not the end of the world, you can get frustrated.

It’s a starter scale. You can do better but it can also already help you a lot.

So should you buy one? If you just need a scale with a timer, why not? It’s inexpensive, it has a built-in timer (so much easier!), and well it does work (though you have to work around that lag). The design, you can’t really expect a sleek one at that price point, right? The other things I didn’t like about it, the fact that it always says “HELLO” at boot up and that it uses three triple As, those are not game changing. You do have to keep buying batteries, contributing to battery waste, and it does not look like it will last you for years (though I may be mistaken).

Bottomline, if you don’t care about aesthetic and trust yourself to figure out how to defeat that lag, you can get this “Hello” Coffee Scale as a short-term thing while you save up for something better. If you want a precise scale, maybe just save up for a slightly pricier one and pass on this one.

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