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An Amazon Prime Video series, and then I try to connect coffee to it

Have you watched Amazon Prime Video’s series (a monthly subscription is cheaper than Netflix), The Boys? It’s a parody on the superhero genre where the superheroes know they’re better than normal people and thus know how to abuse their powers. We all like superhero movies (when done right) but think about those storylines where some government agency is concerned about these overpowered individuals and who will stop them when they go rogue or when someone points out how they aren’t thinking about the collateral damage they cause when doing their super hero stuff.

Just some light rambling ahead

Anyway, The Boys is interesting because they created their own superheroes (or Supes) and then they show exactly how worthless we all seem to them. Their heroism is shown immediately in the Pilot but then just a few minutes later, we are also shown (rather brutally) what they can do to us with their recklessness. Apparently, these also blow off steam at the end of the day and laugh about what happens to us squishy humans.

Of course there are no superheroes amongst us, but there are people who do wield immense power. Those holding government positions, company executives – they are a given. You can also think about movie stars and (most recently) social media influencers. There are those that are closest to superheroes, the athletes. As with everyone who has some semblance of power, each one of these people have two basic choices to make: use their powers for good or evil. Yes, I just used good and evil. However, as with any decision someone with some sort of power has to do, those basic choices have an enormous gray area between them.

Now, just humor me, let’s think about coffee people and the power they can also wield. There’s the coffee they can make for us, that’s a given, but I’m more talking about how they can influence people to how they’ll treat coffee. We are in a time where there is more interest in specialty coffee. I believe it’s because people have more time at home and have less access to specialty coffee shops. You can use that “power” to drive the industry further or you can use it for the money and leave it with a gaping hole. However, if you do chose to further the momentum it has now, will you advocate that more people embrace it with whatever resources they have or do you want them to not just care about coffee but all the fancy, expensive equipment they can possibly get?

When you think about it, “do it for the gram” can be dangerous

I’m not delusional to think that I have legions of followers and that I have this huge sway, but I’m also not naïve to think that whatever I put in these pages will not affect someone in some way. Prior to this post right here, I was writing something about related to my first job and the equipment our company provided us with. It seemed innocent enough but as I read the point I was trying to make with it, it occurred to me that it was insensitive in a time when people are losing their jobs and they can’t do anything about it. It was like a Supe in The Boys complaining about something I think was normal and just part of my everyday life, when it affects more people, deeper.

You may not be a superhero (a Supe), but if you are in a position of power (even in a dynamic as simple as a being a parent) then you must understand that every choice you make has consequences. You don’t always have to think of what those are every time, you won’t get anything done otherwise, but if you are aware then you will be extra careful and take responsibility for whatever those are. This will keep you from being reckless, this won’t make you a heartless Supe. See I didn’t really tell you to go watch The Boys, it’s gory and has some messed up storylines, but if you do because of me then that’s really on me.

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