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Instagram is not always real, even with coffee

So I posted this picture on my Instagram:

#shareyourkape #morningcupofjoe

Does it look like I enjoyed a cup of good coffee early in the morning?

I haven’t used that Apple Watch for exercise for two weeks before this. The coffee looks clean and clear, but it actually tastes bad. I posted the grind I used to brew that (using my new V60) and of course people have been telling me it was too coarse. Just under that photo – is chaos. Our living room I have been using not as the typical living room.  There also no sun rays there, I added that in post. There’s a huge fire wall that blocks out any sun light that may come through in that angle.

Although it may look like it was shot early in the morning, it was actually shot at about 10:50 am on a hot summer morning in the Philippines. I mean the time is there on that watch, an always-on display (wink wink). I wanted it to look that way because it’s about coffee and exercise, on Monday morning even.

As if anybody needed any reminder, not everything you see in social media is not exactly true. This is true most especially on Instagram.

My public Instagram accounts are really me practicing shooting and editing pictures, and sharing to people I do not know to actually get some sort of feedback from them. If the posts get traction, then it means I probably did something right. I feel that if I posted it as myself, which does not really make sense since my personal account is private anyway, that the people I know will have a bias about it and start questioning why I did it this way or that. Being somewhat anonymous, gives me some more freedom to express what I want to in my posts.

That’s the reason I don’t plug any of my other accounts on @shareyourkape (aside from my dog @goodestboimarshall), because I have a delusion that people will actually do what I say – I mean I don’t want people thinking about @shareyourkape looking at a picture of some random place I post in my “travel” account.


Imagine if I edited a coffee picture like this

I post about coffee because I like drinking coffee and I want to share that, hence the username. Do I always drink coffee outside of our house, in our garden or even just outside the gate? No. In fact, I barely do that. Why do I do it then? Because lighting is better outside. Plus my medium is coffee, it’s good to add some color or texture in these pictures from time-to-time. If I posted coffee from where I drink from every day, our old dining table, it wouldn’t look good. I shoot with an iPhone. Even if it’s the most advanced iPhone right now, low light still does not look good from an iPhone.

Most posts in Instagram try to convey an idea, a story if you may. Don’t take them too seriously. Think about them as some form of entertainment. If you can learn something from them, the better – but don’t let it affect you negatively. Again, remember that it’s not always true. A picture of a car may be true, but there sure as hell don’t pose in front of it like that all the time.

#shareyourakape #lightroomedit

Here’s the unedited picture (just cropped it because it was too tall)

I didn’t really think I would be writing about why I edited this picture that way but I was inspired by Peter McKinnon’s latest vlog (Instagram vs Reality) and thought it applied so much to my latest Instagram post. I also just wanted to write new content for this blog.

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