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You cook but why won’t you make coffee?

I would not be surprised if online content of cooking anything are crushing views right now due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine (Phillippine Lockdown) caused by Covid-19. We’re in it for a more than a month now and a lot of people are either searching for new recipes or are trying to recreate some of their favorite meals from restaurants in their own homes.

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Coffee and Natural light are a match made in heaven

Unless you’re an actual chef who stocked their pantry/kitchen with restaurant grade ingredients, you won’t be able to recreate that dish exactly as you liked it that one time you ate out because you felt so fancy. Bouillon cubes won’t yield the same result as using actual stock. Using that frozen piece of beef from the grocery won’t give you the same result of the fresh meat sourced from choice purveyors. And of course, you’re not as skilled as the chef who cooked your favorite restaurant dish.

However, do any of us really care? It may not look or taste the same, the most important is that you are able to feed yourself while getting as much nostalgia as you can. It’s okay if it won’t taste as good; if you really want to experience greatness, then you go to the restaurant and pay for it.

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Explore your space while in quarantine, drink coffee in the garden

Coffee blog, I now segue to coffee. You’ve probably noticed that I never post anything about how I make coffee at home. You wouldn’t like it. I dostill want to get fresh coffee at home – especially now that I can’t go out to my favorite coffee shops (like EACH or Satchmi) to have my coffee prepared by trained baristas. It won’t taste as good, but the important thing is I drink coffee that’s not instant.

Check this out why it’s good to refrain from drinking instant coffee.

 The water you use, knowing the correct ratio of bean to water, how hot the water should be, knowing the correct fineness of the coffee grind, how fast you should pour – there’s a reason why there are contests on brewing coffee, it’s not easy to get it right. You don’t have an espresso machine? Do you have restaurant grade kitchen equipment? You make do with what you have.

Now if knowing that you can’t cook it as good as your favorite chef does not stop you from trying to cook it at home, why should it stop you from trying to brew your own coffee? Like food, you can find in the internet tips on how you can brew your coffee at home. Once you have proper coffee, you tend to want to keep drinking it as often as you can; it is a drug after all.

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Make coffee at home, enjoy it while surveying your garden

Now you may ask me why I would compare coffee to food during the time of Covid-19, where food is of paramount importance.? That’s how I write. Also, you have to support everything about specialty coffee right now. If you want to return to that atmosphere that served as a sanctuary for most of us from the harshness of our everyday life; we can’t forget about them now. There are roasters selling their wares online, and buying from them helps a whole lot in the chain of specialty coffee. I tried ordering from someone in Metro Manila, but the limitations of the quarantine made it nearly impossible to do it. It’s fortunate that someone suggested Lakbay Brew to me, a home brewer also based in Cainta.

There’s a reason why they’re also limiting the numbers of coffee packs you can purchase in the groceries right now, a lot of people still need to drink it while quarantined at home. You’d be surprised how many people have coffee brewing equipment at home, from Electric to the Rare Manual ones. Let’s use all our free time to improve our home brewing skills. We’ll get our perfect cups again after we get through this.

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  1. Well said. It is the era of making adjustments and hopefully appreciating what we had. I agree, a really good cup of coffee can be made at home. After all, it is only water and the ground beans. Thanks!


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