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This is just an excuse to write about Apple’s The Morning Show but it’s my blog anyway so whatever

If you’re following me on Instagram you would have seen me praising almost every new episode of “The Morning Show” (which shall be referred to as TMS moving forward) in my stories. Even when critics were deriding the first three episodes (they were all released at the same time), I was already a fan. And when they started to praise every new one released after that, I couldn’t help but think “I told you so!” but also be happy it’s getting the positive recognition it deserves.

Alright, coffee blog, need to write about coffee…

You can fact check me here, but coffee plays a role in every episode (and there are 10 of them) of the show. The most memorable ones for me (without dropping any spoilers) are when Mitch breaks down when he can’t get his coffee machine to work, when Chip is looking for his coffee while on an important meeting with his team, and how Claire knows who Jared is. Seriously, if you have a new iOS product (bought after the release of Apple TV+ this year) or know somebody who has (the subscription can be shared), then you have to watch this show.

Those three scenes are tied up to some important points of the narrative that I kind of got second hand pride that they used coffee for them. Of course they also have booze in every episode but I’ll let a spirits blog make that stretch.

It’s a show about a morning show for Pete’s sake; of course they will have copious amounts of coffee in there. The stars of the show are always waking up at 3:30 am; they need their coffee to look as perky as they should during broadcast. But their requirement for caffeine, and to some extent sweets, also shows us a basic human truth.

Through the show, you somewhat get a glimpse of how an actual major morning show is run, and it’s not easy. Moreover, it requires a lot of creative people on the top of their game to function properly. Like what I said in these two previous posts (here and here), caffeine really does keeps you from being sleepy and helps your brain get the fuel it needs to work properly. If you’re job requires you to use your brain a lot, like a writer or producer for TMS perhaps, then yes coffee is a necessity.

Ever wonder why I took to coffee after graduating from school (though I did already start drinking the stuff in college)? That’s because I have always been in the Financial/Credit Analysis field since 2008. That requires, aside from understanding financials statements, above average writing chops to come up with an analysis that will be cohesive and hopefully not lose the company money. When I was still with the bank, I had to wake up too early just to get to work on time, and thus I would need copious amounts of coffee. I would either buy before going in or ask my manager if I could go out to get some. That was also the time I got fascinated with the Starbucks Christmas planner.

The point is, yes I am using this blog to shamelessly write about my affinity for TMS, but I am also once again pointing out how important coffee is to almost everyone. Therefore, it’s important to keep the industry alive, and thus I plead to everyone to gradually stop drinking instant coffee exclusively.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I haven’t watched any of the other shows from Apple TV+. It’s only TMS that has piqued my interest.

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