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Let me explain this new series. If you haven’t noticed yet, although this blog is coffee themed, not a whole lot of its content is actually about coffee. I’m looking to change that but I also have this actual job that I have to consider (take note; ‘consider’ not ‘prioritize’). For the meantime, and I’m taking a page out of that actual job in doing so, I’ll be publishing these newsletter types of articles every week. These will round up coffee news from anywhere in the internet, with me writing a short summary. Of course the links to the actual articles are provided, if you want to read more about it (also, so I won’t get sued).

If you have any news stories that you think are interesting, please feel free to send it to me at or tell me about it on the comments section below. Local news about coffee is absolutely welcome!

Oh, about the name of the ‘newsletter’, Kapihan is a Filipino word that means a place where you can get coffee (coffee shop or not). So without further ado, below is the first edition of the Kapihan newsletter (thingy).

Major Coffee Pod Manufacturer (finally) Release Compostable Pods

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You can see how a lot of these can be a problem for the environment, right? Source:

  • Lavazza, yes that Italian company, has made available for sale this week “biopolymer-based ‘Eco Caps’” that can “break down into compost in as little as six months when combined with food waste for council collection”
  • If you’re not familiar with the term ‘council collection’ then don’t fret. The pods, it seems, are only available in the UK – for now.
  • The company has apparently also teamed up with a waste collection service, TerraCycle, to create a network of publicly accessible disposals for capsules that need to be ‘industrially composted’
  • Although compostable/biodegradable pods are already available, these have been produced by small, niche brands. Your move, Nespresso and Keurig.


Burnt Coffee caused a Plane to make an Emergency Landing

  • Aren’t all coffee served in planes burnt anyway? Hey, the jokes are here!
  • Passengers and crew on board Southwest Flight WN-811 from Baltimore were one hour into their flight when the cabin started filling with Smoke
  • After making an emergency landing in Norfolk, Virginia, an inspection of the aircraft revealed that the cause of the small fire was a coffee pot in the galley of the plane.
  • Other Major Airlines such as Lufthansa and Delta also had flights being grounded due to rogue coffee pots.
  • In the grand scheme of things, with airplane coffee being so bad, and with more people preferring to sleep during a flight anyway, maybe they should consider stopping this practice altogether?


 Another Reason to Drink Coffee: Preventing Liver Cancer



  • A study from the UK that took over 7.5 years with 471,779 participants (you know, actual research) has shown that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of the most common type of liver cancer: Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
  • Apparently, that’s true even for instant coffee drinkers, as stated by the co-author of the study Dr. Úna McMenamin. Seriously?
  • These participants were not in tip-top shape at all, but the study says they were “50% less likely to develop HCC compared to this who did not drink coffee”
  • But lead author, Kim Tu Tran, also reminds everyone it is still better (and safer) to choose to live a healthy lifestyle than just rely on drinking coffee to prevent liver cancer.
  • I’m still flabbergasted about instant coffee drinkers showing similar results. But still, stay away from coffee mixes.


Local Coffee Farms win awards in Milan



  • SGD Coffee and Mirabueno Coffee won awards in the Agence pour la Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA) Awards 2019
  • SGD won the Bronze Award in the ‘powerful soft’ category while Mirabueno won the Gourmet Award in the ‘round balanced’ category
  • The two awardees are part of the Coffee Heritage Project (CHP), a non-profit, private initiative that takes “quality-focused approaches in coffee production”
  • Richard Watanabe, CHP Official, hopes that “with this recognition, we are able to highlight Philippines Coffee and the great work of Filipino Coffee Farmers… growing one of the finest coffees in the world to be the true artisans of the Philippines’ coffee industry”
  • Support local!


 And lastly, a good read for everyone regardless of what your work is


Stop taking those coffee breaks alone! Source:

  • The article is titled “How to Use Coffee Breaks to Network and Caffeinate Your Career” and is written by Rachel Cooke, a leadership consultant and founder of
  • It can help you use what may seem like a simple coffee break by “how you can tap into its unique potential to help you move your career forward”
  • The article further helps you, and your colleagues, recognize that “this isn’t a break – it’s a value-adding, casual meeting”
  • The article makes it easy for you to plan out how to use the coffee break to be able to get the most value out of the experience
  • As someone who has been working in a corporate (huge ones at that) setting for 11 years, I can attest to how useful these “casual meetings” are for productivity

Read the entire thing here

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If this looks like something done by a noob in Canva, you are absolutely correct

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