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Are you rich because you coffee?

Some (like about 2 people) will say this is a topic I’ve been beating to the ground on this blog, but it should be discussed. Or I don’t have anything to write about so I reuse.

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Dramatic coffee, what’s not to like?

Seriously, check out these posts:

Come to think of it, dropping upwards of 100 pesos for a cup of coffee (that is if you only drink once in a day) every day is a lot of money. If funds are scarce, you’d rather use that for other necessities.  I get it.

If you think someone famous or at least successful drinks coffee (regardless of where they got it from) just to “complete a look” you’re most likely mistaken.

I am kind of a sneakerhead. We could never afford sneakers when I was a kid. I had to rely on my relatives from the states to gift me some. Oh I did get some, but I could never pick the ones I like. I did try once, though. They bought it, but I was almost disowned – not really, but the story of all my dad’s siblings pitching in and the actual Tita who had to go around SF just to buy them was enough to tell me I shouldn’t try it again. Now that I can afford kicks, I use it as way to reward myself for times I feel I have done something worth celebrating.

I say I’m kind of a sneakerhead, because most of the shoes I have are not “grails” or are not “dope”. I don’t have any of the OG Jordans. I don’t have any Yeezys or those Virgils (off-whites). I buy what’s easily available, and most importantly, what I would actually like to wear.

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Remember my feeble attempt at an April Fool’s prank with #shareyoursapatosatkape

It’s not that I can’t afford it. Dude, bruh, please. I just dropped by the Titan Fort store last March 30 to check out shoes, saw that the Tinker 3s were still available in my size, bought them on the spot – cash. I just don’t want to buy a shoe, at an enormous resale value, that I don’t even like the look of (Pure Boosts are better looking than Yeezys, and don’t get me started with those Yeezy 700s dad shoes crap). Bottomline, I don’t follow hype. (I wasn’t bragging or anything, I was just making a point). Why are people suddenly buying Filas? Don’t tell me because you like them. Those shoes were being sold at bargain (in store) for years before they got hyped.

Now if you’re into getting coffee because of the hype, how people will think you’re rich or something, my friend you better stop that. Don’t be saying you need coffee but go to a Starbucks to get a Frappuccino, or worse, something that’s not even caffeinated while claiming you can’t work without coffee.

If you think someone famous or at least successful drinks coffee (regardless of where they got it from) just to “complete a look” you’re most likely mistaken. Think of it this way: That person is drinking coffee because they have to. They need energy, they probably have little to no sleep, and coffee is part of the things they need to keep going. They need coffee.

Don’t be scared of coffee, embrace it. There are more specialty coffee shops now. Get coffee because you need it, not to impress someone. You could say “Coming from you? Mister let me share my coffee all over Instagram?” Fair point, but it’s not. There’s a reason I don’t plaster my face on of those Instagram posts. I let the coffee (and the shops that make it) be the star. The stories, well that’s a different kind of animal.

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Seriously, I’m not bragging.

I am not famous, I am not successful yet – and I need more coffee to fuel me forward. BTW, I have never sold any of my shoes just to be able to buy a new pair.  I also use them #wearyokicks

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  1. Seems like they make nice Cappuccino these days in the Philippines. Here in Italy many cafeterias are hawak ng mga Intsik at ginagawa nila ang “Cappuintsik”….


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