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Spending time with your bitter half

If you are as old as me, you’ll remember that there was a rotunda in Kapitolyo and that there was a stately looking structure where capitol commons is now. Pasig was once the capital of Rizal Province and the Provincial Capitol, you guessed it, was in Kapitolyo. Heck, even after Pasig became part of Metro Manila, the Governor of Rizal’s seat was still here at Kapitolyo. How do I know this? My mom once worked in a PCI Bank Branch and her friends were transferred to the Kapitolyo branch, which was near my alma mater. Thus, there were times when she took me on her visits there. What the hell is a PCI Bank? It’s what we know as BDO today.

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It’s beautiful from the outside

Where’s my alma mater? Well I can’t share that to you. Moving on.

Nostalgia aside, Nicto’s Coffee Shop has been on my radar for some time now. Their tagline “Your Bitter Half” is absolutely catchy, and after seeing pictures of their signature Nicto’s Holiday Cup from the Pasig Coffee Crawl organized by the Coffee Crawl Series, I was dead set on giving the shop a try. Why the short history lesson related to Kapitolyo? Because that’s where the coffee shop is.

#shareyourkape #nictoscoffeeshop #yourbitterhalf #kapitolyocoffee

#shareyourkape #nictoscoffeeshop #yourbitterhalf #kapitolyocoffee

I guess this will qualify as “hipster lighting”? Efficient, really.

As “Third Wave Shops” go, Nicto’s Coffee Shop definitely looks the part. Based from the W Café feature, I love a place that allows a lot of natural light in, and Nicto’s definitely has that working for them.  Those always on the lookout for power outlets: you will be happy here. The place is predominantly white, balck and gray, with a splash of color like two pink armchairs and a few green plants.

#shareyourkape #nictoscoffeeshop #yourbitterhalf #kapitolyocoffee

I’m guessing the pink chairs are an IG favorite?

#shareyourkape #nictoscoffeeshop #kapitolyocoffee

Their coffee is not bitter – well there was a subtle bitterness in the Americano. But it was smooth, not “kick you in the face” bitter. The holiday drink, as expected, was sweet but was still balanced with the coffee. By balanced, I mean I can still taste the espresso. Yeah, my description is that deep.

I would say try the holiday drink cold. The playful garnish on the rim of the glass/mug (salt, sugar, and I think peppermint?) seems better to be drank with cold coffee. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a delicious drink regardless of how it gets prepared – just rueing the decision to try it first time hot.

#shareyourkape #yourbitterhalf #nictoscoffeeshop #kapitolyocoffee

Presenting: the Americano

#shareyourkape #yourbitterhalf #nictoscoffeeshop #kapitolyocoffee

I truly enjoyed the Holiday Drink… But I really should have tried it cold

Something impressive about the shop, aside from good coffee and a beautiful interior, is their Better Days Project. You can see it in their Instagram’s story highlights: it’s a project to give back to the community. To help those in need.  Sadly, I was not able to contribute for this project during this visit.

#shareyourkape #nictoscoffeeshop #yourbitterhalf #nictosholidaycup #kapitolyocoffee

So… perhaps a second visit for a cold holiday cup and to contribute to the Better Days Project is in order, Bitter Half?

G/F 58 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Disclaimer: I have never been affiliated with BDO myself. I was interviewed, but I wanted to work in a specific department – a department I had made a report on in College (remember, I’m a finance major?). There were no available openings in the department. I eventually worked for another Universal Bank, based in Makati, in the department I wanted. I left that bank after four years. It is what it is.

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  1. I’ll try that next time I go to the Philippines. I had paid much attention to cafeterias in the Philippines although I remember having an excellent ice coffee in the Mall of Asia. For the most part though it was just Nescafe at home


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