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W Café Cainta. More of this please.

You find it by seeing a large portrait-oriented tarp of a Frappe — as well as a round sign that only has a red “W” on it. They would have had me with the W. The tarp is there to attract more customers. They need to shout to everyone “we have frappes” or else no one will climb the two flights of stairs to the cafe.

They do have decent espresso though.

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The aesthetics of this small shop is on point

It’s a beautiful café. The bar is made of reclaimed lumber that looks like something taken from the many Spanish-era houses in Cainta. The window design allows natural light to come into a space and cast beautiful shadows, further accentuating the aesthetics of the place. I am not an interior-designer so take this whole paragraph with a grain of salt.

They have frappes. Yes, their drinks menu is 2/3 Frappes. I didn’t come for the frappe. I came for espresso. I got a latte, a latte that costs below Php 100. It’s in a big mug, and from my non-expert opinion, it had too much foam. However, it is a good deal for its price.

#shareyourkape #wcafecainta #wcafeyourlocalcoffeeshopinCainta

#shareyourkape #wcafecainta #wcafeyourlocalcoffeeshopincainta

#shareyourkape #wcafecainta #wcafeyourlocalcoffeeshopincainta #wcafecookie

Don’t sleep on the cookie

Their barista sold me a chocolate chip and almond cookie. I say she sold it to me because I didn’t want to buy a cookie. I’m glad she sold me this cookie. It didn’t break apart when I tried to lift it, but it was soft and crumbly to the bite. It was not overtly sweet. Dare I say it – this cookie was delicious!

#shareyourkape #wcafecainta #wcafeyourlocalcoffeeshopincainta #wcafeinteriors #cofficehunter

The effect of natural light on the interiors! This was at 11:30 am!

There’s not much to do in Cainta, unless you’re looking to score bibingka and suman. Fun fact: The (in)famous suman in Antipolo, those yellow ones? They’re actually made in Cainta. It’s the richest municipality in the Philippines. It’s also what this weird (seriously, check my Instagram stories) coffee blogger calls home. I’m happy there’s a small, beautiful place in W Café here. I just wish we’d all come here for coffee — not a coffee-laced cake drink.

Who needs the mermaid? (We technically don’t have one here. There are some just outside in Pasig, Marikina, and Antipolo).


W Cafe – Your Local Cafe in Cainta

2nd Floor, Euros Commercial Center
A Bonifacio Avenue
Cainta, Rizal 1900

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