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Smart Phone Cameras were made for shooting Coffee

Stay with me here. I repeat: Smart Phone Cameras were made (invented even!) for shooting coffee!

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I was shooting this on my own, on an older phone, but you can see the limitations of the camera phone.

Of course I’m not someone affiliated with any of these Smart Phone manufacturers. I am but a consumer. Well, okay, I am just an Apple Smart Phone consumer.

I have two iPhones (as of this writing): One personal and one for work, provided by the company. BTW the latter is not a privilege. I do not have an Android phone because, well I’m used to using iOS and I only really need one personal phone. I digress…

#shareyourkape #KKKCoffee #cameraphoneforcoffee

That’s a three year old iPhone 6s, and it still works!

Smart phone cameras have gotten so much better in the past 3 years. I mean you can use a flagship’s phone camera to shoot a feature-length film! But here I am, claiming these amazingly complex yet small cameras were made to take pictures of coffee. Latte art, to be more specific.

Although I have used Apple Cameras exclusively since the iPod Touch 4th Generation, I really want to use a Pixel. I also plan to get a DSLR or a Mirrorlesss someday, but for now I am concentrating on Smart Phones with great cameras. They’re decent, they’re easy to bring, you need a phone anyway, and they’re not overkill for shooting coffee (and food, remember my first post ever?).

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Coffee shops also make shooting coffee easy. I mean look at this!

Yes, the operative word there is overkill. I like being anonymous, I just want to enjoy my coffee in peace. However, I also like taking pictures of said coffee, sharing it on the internet, and have a discussion there. If I was taking out an actual camera and then “bending over backwards” to frame the shot would draw attention to myself. Of course the picture quality will look so much better, but for someone who just blogs occasionally and posts on intagram, iPhone X camera is enough.

If you’re looking for a much more educated answer, sorry but that’s all I got.

But okay, think about this. Look back on my “People associate themselves with Coffee”, coffee can be so polarizing that maybe the R&D team for these smart phone cameras actually considered latte art shots when developing their sensors. With people loving coffee so much, I wouldn’t be surprised if they take copious amounts of pictures of their cups. That data may be something they were looking into when they were developing the cameras and their software.

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Pour Over from the Syndicate. Included it here so you can see how little care I have for the company issued phone (it’s there, without a case, at the end of the table).

This might be the perfect time to explain this category of the blog; thoughts with Kape is basically me blogging. Writing about whatever I want to, what I was thinking about, just so happens it’s connected to coffee. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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