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Satchmi Store and the quality life

They are the “curators of functional luxury” – the Satchmi team and their amazing store in SM Mega Fashion Hall have been formative for this blogger’s coffee addiction.

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Considering that that is such a small glass, that is amazing latte art work!

Most people will associate good coffee with good music. Both were once luxuries afforded only by the elite that eventually became synonymous to the masses. We all listen to music on our headphones, streamed through Spotify/Apple Music or bootlegged from an illegitimate source (if the latter, c’mon man it’s 2018), as we commute to our places of work. Instant coffee is the drink of choice for most in the morning and during work hours.  You can be someone reading this article right now, listening to music streamed from your smart phone  while drinking a mug of instant coffee from the convenience of your own home. They are easily accessible for almost everyone.

I am not saying that we need to boycott music streaming services (if you’re pirating music, seriously stop) and only troop to the “hipster coffee shops” for our caffeine fixes. I, too, am one who has a Spotify subscription. Not so much about drinking instant coffee though. Just like what the said back in 2015: “a shifting back to valuing quality is in progress”, there is a renaissance of sorts happening in the coffee and music world and everyone should at least try to understand what it is.

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Check out this interior!

That article exudes the passion of someone who enjoys quality coffee and music too much, even going as much as saying: “The faint cracking sound when the needle is dropped seems reminiscent of enjoying a great coffee bloom; we’re filled with an energy of anticipation”. This is someone who has chosen to live this lifestyle, and it’s a damn good one. I want to enjoy exactly that one day. But right now, I can only plan ahead and live vicariously through the Satchmi Store.

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Say hello to my little friend

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And so a music store purveying quality vinyl records as well as modern turntables, with a café offering specialty coffee, made so much sense. The rustic industrial interior, functional in every nook and cranny (tables that also serve as display cases anyone?), allows you to enjoy a moment to take in just how good and different pursuing quality truly is. The entire store itself is already an escape from the crazy Megamall (just how extra is this mall’s name, really?) crowd, but you can achieve solitude further by using one of their listening rooms.

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May I offer you a flat white?

This is a blog all about coffee. I started paying more attention to specialty coffee after discovering Satchmi years ago.  This was where I had my first taste of pour over coffee. I plan to get vinyls from this store in the near future for at home (or office, you never know) listening. Bottom line, this is where I want to just sit down and enjoy life (deep!) whenever I’m in SM Megamall.

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