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Drink EACH coffee, savor EACH cup

Exchange Alley Coffee House (EACH) is a godsend.

Drink EACH Coffee

Haven’t seen anyone post theirs like that yet

From the man who brought specialty coffee to the South with Magnum Opus Fine Coffees, EACH has been a specialty coffee buzz the Molito Lifestyle Center (or the Alabang area for that matter) badly needed.

On most visits, I would order a long black and drink it black (insert worn out innuendo joke here). But on this particular night I needed a warm, milky, and chocolaty mug. It was a day full of meetings and strong rain was in the forecast, I needed an adult version of hot coco before going on a long commute home. I needed comfort and, with home being so far away, comfort came in the form of a warm EACH mocha mug. Also, apparently, “adult version” is now anything infused with coffee instead of, you know, alcohol like how everyone else says it?


shareyourkape drinkEACHcoffee yungkapemalamigna

TBH, the way the cocoa powder was added makes it look like the swan was doing it’s business

shareyourkape drinkEACHcoffee yungkapemalamigna

Yung kape malamig na, huy! Picture ng picture!

No scrimping on the chocolate here. Cocoa flavor immediately jumps out but without overpowering the rich coffee flavor – more complementing it. To achieve that, one needs to know how the underlying flavor of the coffee bean will go with the coco. The EACH guys know their stuff (did not want to say stuff, some other S word). This with an amazing slice of mocha mousse cake on the side, the sight of rain steadily pouring outside, and the reliable and fast WiFi connection, comfort was definitely achieved.


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Get a seat on the second floor. You’ll be greeted by the roasting room but the rest of the space has a definite rustic, relaxing feel. If the main area is all steel stools, concrete, industrial lighting, and tiles (not kidding), upstairs is deep, dark wood and dimmer industrial lighting. Less people sit here as well; steep stairs apparently scare most people away.

It’s a perfect spot to sit, get a good cup of coffee, and do some work (either personal or actual work). Plenty of power sockets near the long table and they have unlimited WiFi!

I’ve read that EACH is also a good brunch spot. But seriously, this compound is riddled with restaurants, why eat only here? Brunch though is a different animal and not every restaurant can do it. I want to be proven wrong. Go ahead, try.

shareyourkape drinkEACHcoffee yungkapemalamigna

What I want to really get to try here though is: Sit at a stool on the bar on a slow day (in my mind a weekday) and be schooled about coffee brewing. That is the dream.

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  1. Lovely write-up, and nice shot of the sign! Feel free to sit at the bar and ask! If service isn’t too busy, I’m sure one of our guys will be willing to indulge you in some coffee talk.

    Jonathan of EACH


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