thoughts with kape

Kape is Filipino for Coffee

Wait up, just want to create a time stamp. At this moment when I finished setting up this blog and started writing this article, there are 56 followers of @shareyourkape on Instagram. I guess you can call this a “spin-off” (I am a finance major after all) of a food-centric blog.

Costa Coffee share your kape

A heart? A rosetta? A Fern? A rorschach test?

So why share your kape? Why not? I drink coffee almost every day. I like sharing it. Why create an Instagram page (and now a blog) dedicated to coffee? Do I want to stop bad coffee? No. I mean the first article features coffee and food from a Costa Coffee. (Which is not bad, but highly commercialized).

What’s my advocacy? Do I have a grand purpose for this? Honestly, there are two main reasons: I am a frustrated writer and I felt weird discussing just coffee in a food blog.

Costa Coffee shareyourkape flat white

Anybody have trypophobia? Look away

Costa Coffee shareyourkape pesto

Wait – is that julienned zucchini in that pesto?

Yup, those are the shallow reasons. But why Share Your Kape? I guess I have a delusion that people will pick up the hashtag #shareyourkape and tag their coffee posts with it as well? To be fair, some have already done it.

Oh, before I forget. Kape indeed is the Filipino word for coffee. The Philippines actually is a coffee addicted country. However, since it is a third world country, most people only drink instant coffee out a sachet. I guess in a choice between a reasonably priced cup of specialty coffee prepared by the good baristas over at The Curator and a sachet of 3-in-1 for less than 10 pesos the sachet wins.

shareyourkape Costa Coffee flat white

What the hell is that smudge on the window?!

But that’s not entirely fair for us Filipinos. There’s also a lot of us who shun the instant coffee, even the free ones provided within the many BPO offices.

A lot of people prefer the second wavers. Starbucks, CBTL, Costa Coffee (guess I’m one of them?). It’s a sign that you are doing better than others, you’re earning good money. Never mind that whatever the hell you’re drinking does not even get you caffeine. Seriously, how can you say you love coffee and get a decaf Frappuccino or a decaf Tim Horton’s double-double? The little coffee that is in those drinks, you murdered by making it decaf.

Espresso machine espresso Costa coffee galleria shareyourkape

They said wait for my drink. Waiting area was right next to this. Guess snapping pictures is fair game?

Whoa! That turned snarky! Guess I’ll have to check that by the next post.

Don’t forget to #shareyourkape on Instagram!

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